Diabetes Mellitus Essay

Diabetes Mellitus Essay

Part one: Weekly Timetable

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6-8 am Preparations, Travel, Gym
8-11 am Classes Study and Assignments Classes Business monitoring/ traveling Classes Shopping and House Chores Church
11-1 pm Classes Classes Study and Assignments
1-2 pm Lunch
2-4 pm classes Study and Assignments Study and Assignments Classes Study and Assignments Family Out


Bible Study
4-7 pm Study and Assignments Classes Study and Assignments   Community group participation Study and Assignments
7-9 pm Online fellowship Study and Assignments   Study and Assignments  
9-11 pm Dinner and family time
11pm-6am Sleep

The weekly calendar created above will be an effective tool in helping me prepare for this and next week’s assignments. I will also use the calendar throughout my studies in Aspen and make adjustments with time when there is a need. I have set aside time for study and assignments throughout the week, giving me enough time to prepare for the assignments and complete them within the required time. My ideal times for preparing for assignments and studying are the times allocated for that purpose. They will be uninterrupted by other activities, thus enabling me to focus on getting my schoolwork done and producing high-quality work. Knowing what to do and when to do it will help me manage my time effectively and ensure I am less stressed as I pursue my course at Aspen.

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Diabetes Mellitus Essay

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Diabetes Mellitus: Part Two

The topic that was chosen in the previous discussion post is diabetes mellitus. It is a broad topic that will require narrowing down. Invention is a pre-writing stage that focuses on gaining more ideas on the topic (Yunus et al., 2018). Outlining is an invention strategy that helps design a plan for the subtopics before writing. The invention strategy that will be used to brainstorm the narrowed down topic is the outlining invention strategy.

Diabetes Topic Outlining Invention Strategy

Definition including the types of diabetes and clinical significance

Epidemiology of diabetes in the US and globally

Pathophysiology of diabetes type 1 and type 2

Signs and symptoms of acute and severe diabetes

Causes and risk factors for diabetes

Modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors

Treatment and management of Diabetes

Pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic management

Follow-up interventions

Education and self-management

Prevention of diabetes

Diabetes complications and their implications on healthcare

Effects of diabetes on care quality and patient safety

Policies and programs in diabetes management and prevention and community education

Challenges facing the management of diabetes

Community involvement in diabetes management and challenges facing community involvement

Community resources in the management of diabetes

Non-governmental organizations in managing diabetes


In this assignment, I utilized the outlining invention strategy. The strategy helps a scholar to determine the sub-topics of interest to avoid overinclusion of trivial details. The outlines will also help estimate the size of the paper and plan the time required accordingly. Outlines help determine the research requirements and are very effective in the brainstorming process or step-wise assignments. They help create chronology hence assisting the scholar in maintaining logic and synchrony. Diabetes is a healthcare problem that affects healthcare significantly. An outline would ensure I do not leave out any significant topic. Outlines are great ways of preparing and will thus be helpful in the future. Outlines will; help prepare for long assignments such as capstone projects and thesis for masters and dissertation for a Ph.D. program, and other research I will oversee or participate in future.


Yunus, M. M., Hashim, H., Sulaiman, N. A., Sulaiman, W. S. M., Richmond, R. L., Jarail, S., & Royal, N. (2018). Students’ Awareness and Perceptions towards “Pre-Writing Stage” as a Strategy in Writing Directed Essay. Creative Education9(14), 2215-2223. https://doi.org/10.4236/ce.2018.914162



Part 1: An important behavior of successful students pertains to establishing a weekly study schedule. This may sound overly elementary, but, to the contrary, high-performing college students know exactly every hour of their day/week and how they will use their time. As part of this week’s assignment, please complete the attached ‘study calendar’ and describe how you will use it in a Word document to prepare for this and next week’s assignments. That is, what exactly will you do tomorrow, this weekend, next Monday to breakdown your work into manageable pieces at the right pace? What are your most ideal times in the upcoming week, based on your calendar template, when will you have blocks of extended time to work on your Aspen courses and weekly assignments? It is best to make those days/times “significant and protected time,” time when there are no interruptions and you can totally focus on getting your school work done. Hold preciously to these time blocks for school work. If so, you will produce higher quality work and be less stressed as you earn your degree at Aspen. Utilize the Study Calendar found in the Writing Center for this process.

Part 2: To work on narrowing down your topic chosen in the discussion board, choose an Invention Strategies (clustering, listing, freewriting, or outlining) to brainstorm the subject you narrowed down.

Complete the Invention Strategy you choose and attach your strategy work either in the same document of part 1 or submit as a separate file

Conclusion paragraph: Answer these questions in a well-developed paragraph discussion. Which strategy did you chose, and why? How the strategy worked for you? Will you use it again in the future? (place into the Part 1 document labeled Part 2).

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Diabetes Mellitus Essay

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