NR 439 Week 3: PICOT Worksheet Nursing Essays

NR 439 Week 3: PICOT Worksheet Nursing Essays

NR 439 Week 3: PICOT Worksheet Nursing Essays

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NR 439 Week 3: PICOT/Evidence Appraisal Assignment (graded)

NR 439 Week 3: PICOT Worksheet Assignment

PICOT Worksheet – Week 3

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NR 439 Week 3: PICOT Worksheet Nursing Essays

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Part 1: PICOT Question


Date: 07/23/

Your Instructor’s Name:

Purpose: To identify a problem or concern that nursing can change and develop a PICOT question to guide the change project.

Directions: Use the form below to complete the Week 3 Assignment PICOT Evidence Worksheet. This includes filling in the table with information about your research question and your PICOT elements and the second part is filling in the Evidence Worksheet.

Step 1: Select the key PICO terms for searching the evidence. Clearly define your PICOT question. List each element P (problem, population, or problem), I (intervention), C (Comparison with other treatment/current practice), and O (Desired outcome), T (Time Frame).  Is the potential solution something for which you (as nurse or student) can find a solution through evidence research? Look in your book for guidelines to developing your PICOT questionand also read the required articles.

Step 2: Identify the problem.What have you noticed in your work or school environment that isn’t achieving the desired patient or learning outcomes? What needs to change in nursing, what can you change with the support of evidence in the literature? Describe the problem or practice issue that you want to research. What is your practice area; clinical, education, or administration? (This is NOT where you will list your PICOT question)

Step 3: How was the practice issues identified?How did you come to know this was a problem in your clinical practice? Review the listed concerns and check all that apply.

Step 4: What evidence must be gathered? What sources of reliable information will be helpful for your particular question?

Step 5: What terms will you use in order to make sure that your search is wide enough to obtain required information but narrow enough to keep it focused? How will you narrow your search if needed?

NR 439 Week 3: PICOT Worksheet Nursing Essays

PICOT Question
What is the PICOT question? 

Does compliance with hand hygiene practices among healthcare workers reduced hospital acquired infections?

Define each element of the question below:

P– (Patient, population, or problem):  Hospital acquired infection

I– (Intervention): Hand washing

C– (Comparison with other treatment/current practice): standard hand washing or hand washing

O– (Desired outcome): reduced infection rate

T-(Time Frame):  for the period that one is hospitalized


What is the practice issue/problem? What is the scope of the issue? What is the need for change? 

Nursing professional have a critical role in the management of health conditions that affect the people. Nowadays, the society experiences health challenges that emanate die to non-compliance to the recommended guidelines. There have been concerns among health professionals due to increased cases of nosocomial infections. The problem is attributed to poor hand hygiene practices at home and public places. The challenge has greatly affected home based and hospital care facilities it has been become extremely important for health care workers to promote appropriate measures to improve the level of compliance. As such, this has called for the determination of the ways that can be sued in the minimization of the negative impacts of infections in hospitals.


What is the practice area? 

___ Clinical

_x__ Education


___ Administration

___ Other

How was the practice issue identified? (check all that apply) 

_x__ Safety/risk management concerns

_x__ Unsatisfactory patient outcomes

___ Wide variations in practice

___ Significant financial concerns


___ Difference between hospital and community practice

__x_ Clinical practice issue is a concern

___ Procedure or process is a time waster

___ Clinical practice issue has no scientific base

___ Other:

What evidence must be gathered? (check all that apply)
_x__ Literature search 

___ Guidelines

_x__ Expert Opinion

___ Patient Preferences

___ Clinical Expertise 

___ Financial Analysis

__x_ Standards (Regulatory, professional, community)

___ Other

Search terms/How to narrow the search? 

First the terms are searched on the specific topic widely, using the key terms such as reducing infections by hand washing, importance of hand washing, reducing infections and importance of washing hands in healthcare facility. The search is then narrowed by specifying the specific period that does not exceed five years.

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NR 439 Week 3: PICOT Worksheet Nursing Essays

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