Public Health Law Week 4 Discussion

Public Health Law Week 4 Discussion

Public Health Law Week 4 Discussion

Public health economists are at the forefront in optimizing limited resources to advance health outcomes. They offer assistance to local, state, and federal governments and organizations by conducting economic research such as the evaluations of burden of disease, cost effectiveness, and effectiveness of interventions to prevent or treat specific diseases. This helps them compare the costs of various interventions and make decisions about the effective and efficient use of resources.

Considering this, respond to the following:

  • Do you believe we should strive for a well-regulated society that deters harmful commercial activities in order to keep healthcare costs down? Why or why not?

  • How should it be determined which commercial activities are harmful and whether they have an economic impact?

Submission Details:

  • Give examples and reasons in support of your responses.

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Public Health Law Week 4 Discussion

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